Aura Spray Strength


To help give extra strength when life seems challenging.


Containing Essential Oils of;

Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Rosewood.

Cedarwood— Aids purification, meditation, balancing.

Eucalyptus— Aids in finding the strength to go on, stripping away doubts. A bright wind that blows negativity away and lets you see the way ahead.

Jasmine— Good for finding your strength without losing your identity.

Rosewood— Helps to bring together details so you can see the bigger picture. Healer of grief on a deep and profound level.

This spray has been lovingly blended to help give the user extra strength when they feel life is a little challenging, it also helps to strengthen the aura when we find we are leaking our energy to others.

Each spray is made to order and blended with essential oils for their own specific job and enhanced with Reiki energy, angel vibrations and the vibrational sound of the “OM”.

Shake well, and spray above the head and around the body (aura). Spray any environment to help create a harmonious atmosphere.


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