Dawn Hall Holistic Therapist

Hello, and welcome to Rainbow’s End Therapies,

Well this is the page where I get to share with you a little bit about me and my background.

My name is Dawn Hall and I am the Holistic Therapist At Rainbow’s End Therapies.


Dawn Hall

Holistic Therapist

My spiritual journey started in 1996 after my first divorce. Leaving me with two small children to care for, severely depressed and on anti-depressants I was at my lowest ebb. It was at this time I tagged along with a group of friends to the local spiritualist church. It was here that I started to feel a sense of inner peace, even though my material life was far from being at peace.

I joined the development group and with the help and guidance of my amazing spiritual teacher, I began to feel the joy of living, and sensing the energies that surround us all, and knew I was on my pathway to the life I was born to live and share. It was now I continued with my training and became a qualified spiritual healer and trainer, sharing all that I had learnt in order to help others to heal, following later with my Reiki Masters Degree.

I was now a mum for the third time with a baby born to me with physical and learning disabilities, a very special gift to be handed, to care and tend to. I was still a single parent and facing the fact that I had to totally redirect my life. So I gave up my day job as a Nursery Nurse to care for my children’s needs and re-trained as a Holistic therapist so I could work from home and around the many hospital appointments.

In 2005 I meet my second husband and life I felt couldn’t be any better. But the man I thought at the beginning was just an illusion, for over the years be became controlling, manipulative, dishonest and extremely emotionally and mentally abusive to both myself and my children. This behaviour was done in such a way I didn’t realise what was happening until I had lost all sense of who I was. My life was just an existence, I definitely wasn’t living in joy!! but instead was living in a deep sticky darkness which he had surrounded us all in. It felt like I was dying from the inside out and the only way I could survive was to find the strength and end my marriage and break free.


After grieving for my marriage ( I use the word grieving because this is what it felt like. the death of my marriage but also the death of that part of me), losing friends I had, had for many years because they couldn’t be around me and finally having a breakdown I could eventually start my own self-healing journey.

You have probably heard people say “let it go , move on” and this is what I was constantly being told. But for me I knew that I had to allow myself to feel the rawness of the emotions, to allow the tears to flow if they needed to do so, so that I could truly heal on all levels and not just heal part of me and paper over the rest. And by allowing this process to happen I have healed myself . To this day I continue with my own self development and self healing so that I can be the best that you the client deserves.

I am in deep gratitude for every experience I have ever had throughout my life both negative and positive, for all the people that have caused me pain I am truly grateful for the experience, because from that pain I have learnt to heal myself on a far greater and deeper level, and in doing so, along with the tools I’ve learnt along the way, has given me the ability to empathise and guide others on their journey on a far deeper level than I would of been able to before.

I now can truly say I live my life in JOY and HARMONY.

Dawn Hall