The Beginners Guide to Self-Development & Healing


* Do you often feel drained of energy and have none for yourself?

* Have you ever felt sick or had a headache after being in the company of others?

* Are you constantly in a negative state of mind?

If the answer is yes to all these then this is the course for you, it will give you all the foundation skills needed to improve not just your personal life but every area of your life. By implementing the techniques you will be taught you will no longer give your energy away freely to others, you will feel more harmonious within yourself and with those around you. Bringing you back into a sense of health and well being.

This course is the foundation into the many aspects of healing, including – Chakras, Auras, The Power of the Mind, and how and where to channel the Healing energy from.



The Beginners Guide to Self-Development & Healing

5 Basic Steps to Retain, Energise and Source your Energy


In today’s world of stress, anxiety, and pain, we are hearing more and more about how different energies we are surrounded by that affect us in a negative way. This includes energies from other people, the environment you live in, or just how you look at and feel about yourselves.


In this course; ‘The beginners Guide to self-development and Healing’, I am going to show you five basic steps that will help you tap into a more positive energy and retain it for yourself, allowing you to feel more energised and more at peace with who you are.


I will share with you my own story of how my physical illnesses related to the environment I was living in, not only affected the way I thought but also how I felt about myself. I will explain how each symptom was related to a specific chakra and so forcing me to go back to basics of what I already knew, to enable me to heal myself again.



Step 1

  • Learn what healing is and the different healing modalities you may have heard of.
  • Understand the causes of illness
  • Hear how my illness affected my physical and non-physical bodies
  • Learn how to ground and protect your own energy

Step 2

  • Learn what a chakra is and how they interact with the physical body
  • Learn how to open and close the chakra centres

Step 3

  • Understand the different layers to the aura
  • Learn how to cleanse and energise your own auric field
  • Learn how to sensitise your hands to feel your own energy

Step 4

  • Understanding the power of the mind
  • Learn how your thoughts affect you both positively and negatively
  • You will learn a body awareness exercise to help focus your mind

Step 5

  • You will learn what the breath is
  • You will be shown a selection of different breathing techniques
  • You will learn how to source three different healing energies to use for yourself.



This course will comprise of short video lessons so not to over load you with information all in one go. I will take you through relaxing meditations as a way of teaching you the grounding and protection, opening/ closing of the Chakras and cleansing and energising the Aura, through visualisation meditations. I have included interactive exercises to teach the breathing exercises which we can do together as you watch. I have also included PDF of my book for you to read through at your leisure.


I promise that after following these five basic steps and begin to make them part of your everyday life, you will have more than a better understanding of yourself. You will also have more energy, more clarity of thought, and life will begin to flow easier.



Who this course is for


This course is for anyone who is interested in self-development, whether this is purely for the self, and the desire to make your life flow in a more positive way. Or you may be interested in going down the spiritual path of healing, or you may just want to go back to basics and refresh the foundation steps to any spiritual knowledge you may already have.



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