Asyra Pro Bio-Energetic screening is a non invasive test to help a client achieve optimum health.

  • Questions are asked of the body, which then responds with subtle energetic responses.
  • The responses gained allow a picture to be built of both the body’s challenges and needs.
  • These challenges and needs can then be corrected, bringing balance and health back to the body.

Although Asyra Pro screening is relatively new, it builds upon much older methods of non-chemical testing, including Kinesiology muscle testing, meridian point testing and dowsing.

Asyra provides a way of asking questions of the body and mind without the use of the spoken word.

  • According to Eastern medicine, the body has a system of energetic channels including the ‘meridian’ system that carry the life force.
  • The energetic pathways are like the blueprint that the body builds itself on, all biochemical processes of the body are run by the energy system.
  • If the blueprint is incorrect, processes don’t flow , which then effect the cells, which in turn affects the tissues and results in symptoms.
  • If we can determine what the energetic imbalances (areas of stress) are, then find a substance that restore balance (relieve stress) we can stimulate the body’s own system to resolve the symptom.
  • Asyra takes rapid readings from an area of skin contact, by holding onto copper hand masses.
  • The readings show up the energetic imbalances, they are then presented with energetic signatures of a group of substances to the body to determine which of them will bring the energy system back into balance.
  • The great advantage of this technique is that it enables us to directly address the clients health problems without having to discuss any previous diagnosis.

How does the Asyra get it’s readings?

The Asyra Pro works by using a cylindrical electrode held in the palms of the hands. By measuring how the skin resistance changes in response to different signal outputs. As each yes/no takes seconds the possibility of changes in muscle pressure affecting the readings is ruled out.

What are Energetic signatures?

All substances are made of atoms, which group together. All atoms vibrate depending on their type. Any given substance consists of millions of atoms and molecules and possesses a unique vibrational characteristic.

With the Asyra the energetic, vibrational characteristics of substances have been electronically stored on a computer database. These characteristics are known as ‘Signatures’ and are replayed through the test system and elicit an energetic response in the client.

Once the test has been completed the practitioner can then create a remedy containing the energetic signatures that have appeared on the test, this usually comes in the form of prefilled dropper bottled which is then imprinted with the energetic signatures.

These can also be transferred to the body through light in the way of a laser, which has a stronger effect on the physical body and can ‘kick start’ the body’s own healing process.







The actual number of screenings each client has,depends on how out of balance the body’s system is.

After the initial screening, all clients will receive a copy of the results of the screening and an imprinted remedy to take away with them. Remedies are taken twice a day for anything from 3-6 weeks when a follow up screening will be required to see how far the body has come back into balance.

Depending on which tests are being screened the results may indicate the use of other therapies to help bring the body back into balance. For example: the Reflexology evaluation will indicate which areas of the body can be stimulated to help bring the body back into balance.

First Initial Full health Consultation And Screening Cost-  £60

Subsequent screenings- £50

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