Chakra Oils Crown


Aids Balance and harmony to the Crown Chakra


Contains Essential oils of;

Frankincense and Lavender in a base of Hazel nut oil.

Lavender; A strong affinity with the crown chakra where the expansive healing nature of lavender find its fullest expression.

Frankincense; Known as ‘The Phoenix’, Frankincense invites us to go forward into mystery, discovering the undiscovered and allowing us to be reborn into joy.

Each oil has been made and enhanced with Reiki energy, angel vibrations and the vibrational sound of the “OM”

Each oil has been blended to resonate with each particular chakra, helping bring each chakra back into balance and harmony.

If you have a nut allergy and would like to purchase this product please contact me and I will change the base oil for you.

Please note this product is made to order so allow extra time to dispense and post.


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