The Beginners Guide To Self Development & Healing + CD

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Within this book you will discover the essential foundations to Self development & Healing
Along with the meditation CD Learn how to;
Ground & Protect your own energy
Open up your chakras
Cleanse & Energise your Aura
Source the Healing Energy from 3 different areas



In today’s world of stress, anxiety, and pain, we are hearing more and more about how different energies we are surrounded by that affect us in a negative way. This includes energies from other people, the environment we live in, or just how we look at and feel about ourselves.
So what can we do to tap into a more positive mode of energy and keep it?

In this book I am going to show you five basic steps to self-development and Healing that will help you tap into a more positive energy and retain it for yourself, allowing you to feel more energised and more at peace with who you are.

I started my own spiritual journey in 1996 leading me to become a spiritual healer/trainer, Reiki Master, and a Holistic Therapist. I have been training my students and working with clients for many years now and using these five steps within these teachings but also with my own continued spiritual/self development.

Within the book we will start at the beginning with how to protect your own energy from being taken—leaving you feeling drained, how the chakra energy centers interact with the physical body, and how the power of the mind can and does influence our way of thinking and feeling.

The Cd which Accompanies this book Takes you through the meditations within the book, which will allow you to focus on the meditations and take you on a more relaxed journey.

2 reviews for The Beginners Guide To Self Development & Healing + CD

  1. Dawn

    Hi Dawn ,
    Just to let you know I have read your book ,and I thought it was really good.

    I thought it was easy to use and follow.I think each chapter was very thorougher, I liked the diagrams that went with the chakras and the auras.Because each section was so different ,a lot of people may only need one of the steps to cure themselves,I think it is a book that you could dip in and out of ,and do the different meditations.I think if you ever revised your book in the future I would have liked to have known a bit more about your story ,how you got into the different therapys ,because they are all so different and how each one helped you,as I found this part of the book really interesting.

    You should be so proud I think what you have produced is a really good tool to weathering what life throws at us ,and I hope that word of mouth goes around.I think it will be a really good seller for when people do seminars with you ,because I think a book or a cd is something people will want to take away with them.
    I wish with all my heart that this book will bring great things to you. love lyn x

  2. Dawn

    This book touches on some very important basics of spiritual practice in an easy to understand way. This is a great read for anyone new to healing, wishing to improve there life and energy levels or even for use of references on different chakras/energies and their functions. 🙂 James

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