Aura Spray Clarity


Bringing clarity of mind and thought to the user


Containing Essential oils of;

Bergamot, Eucalyptus ,Lemon.

Bergamot— Clarity, Aura repair. Raises the spirits and brings a lightness to weary days.

Eucalyptus— This leaves no room for doubt, clarity about life and finding the strength to go on.

Lemon— Helps regain clarity of the mind that means clarity of thought, of logic. Putting things into their rightful order and sequence.

This spray has been made with love and blessings to help enhance a healing, harmonious atmosphere. Brining a clarity of thought and mind to the user.

It has been lovingly blended to release imbalances of stress and negative energies which can build up in our everyday lives.

Each spray is made to order and blended with essential oils for their specific job and enhanced with Reiki energy, angel vibrations and the vibrational sound of the “OM”.

Shake well, and spray above the head and around the body (aura). Spray any environment to help create a harmonious atmosphere.


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